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The Fencing School

We offer sponsored places for junior beginners on a needs assessed and performance basis. Highly experienced fencers are also considered for partial or full subsides.

Beginners: after assessment it may be possible for you to join an existing class. The primary goal is to get you started within a good learning environment, and to enjoy it without spending a fortune on kit.

Course Fees and Dates

The club is £120 per term, per session, club evenings and classes have a good ratio coach to fencer, lessons are included. Parents with fencing experience are 50% sub. Also those doing more than one session can apply for 2nd or 3rd sessions to be at £60 each. Furthermore if siblings fencing then may also request sessions at the 50% rate of £60. Pls bear in mind the club is non for profit and in order to provide best ratio and best facilities for the students; that it is hoped parents can meet full fees. We have made a loss in the last 4 years, and generally operate at 20-30% in red. Any offers of sponsorship very welcome.

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Private Lesson Fees

For individual tuition . . .

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Times at Battersea

Monday 4:30pm > 6:00pm Beginners U.9/U.11 Foil
Monday 5:00pm > 7:00pm Squad only (SPORTS HALL)
Wednesday 5:30pm > 8:30pm Squad only (SPORTS HALL)
Wednesday 4:30pm > 6:00pm Beginners U11 Foil
Thursday 4:30pm > 6:15pm Intermediates U13 Foil (CLOSED)
Thursday 6:00pm > 7:30pm Individual Lessons
Saturday 3:40pm > 5:30pm Intermediates U13
Saturday 3:40pm > 6:30pm Squad Only, all ages (AUDITORIUM)
Sunday 10:00am > 12:00 All groups (SPORTS HALL)
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