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Laura Delany
Head Coach. Laura is very patient and committed to bringing out the very best in her students. Former 4 times British Youth Champion and cadet national champion. Competed in the French National Championships ‘Fetes des Jeunes’ and finished in the top 8, she had to stop competing early due to Injury. Laura holds Level 4 Foil Coaching qualification and has ten years of coaching experience. She recently came ‘out of retirement’, gaining Silver at Lansdowne club championships ( beating some exOlympian / veteran World Champions !!) and joined Battersea Bronze medal winning women’s team at senior GB national champs

Aleksandra Brès
On the piste since 6 yrs old, and helping to coach in her parents club at age 16. Bachelors in sports science and physical education
- Team Silver Medal - Cadets European Championships
- Individual Bronze Medal - Juniors Polish Championships
- Team Gold Medal - Senior Polish Championships
- Bachelors in sports science and physical education
- Fencing Masters Qualification from The Polish Sports Academy Warsaw
and many younger age category medals. Aleks was a member of her country’s senior National Squad (Poland is one of the best fencing nations with a long history of exceptional achievements). She is a very tactical and empathetic coach - (DofEd. Teacher in special education needs)

Mark Kent

"His performance was excellent at the courses of planning and methodology of individual and team training."

-D Szepesi, Coach Committee, F.I.E.

Mark studied for 20 years under Ziemek Wojciechowski (GB Olympic coach for Men's Foil 88 to 2020) & his students have achieved International representation level for Cadet European Championships (MF) & Junior WorldCup (WF). Mark has studied under a handful of world class coaches in Italy & Hungary and made comparative analysis studies in proprioception & mental chronometry. He has assisted or directed in the development of the next generation of coaches variously with BritishFencing, the Indian National Institute for Sport & the Italian association ‘Maestri di Scherma’

2003 International Diploma (Highest British Fencing coaches grade)
2007 postgraduate degree in Fencing (Semmelweis University Budapest)
2015 Italian association of fencing masters L3 maestro
Diploma subjects include combat psychology, nutrition, conditioning, training theory and sports injuries.

Rupert Davies-Cooke
Rupert’s coaching comes informed from a lifetime of fencing. His mother was in the British foil team and later in her life, Vice-President of British fencing.
Over the years he trained with many brilliant coaches and fencers, most notably the National Coaches Professor Bob Anderson (who choreographed the fight sequences in Star Wars) and Ziemek Wojciechowski (GB Olympic coach 87-2020). He also trained with Olympians and World Champions such as Bill Hoskyns (1958 World Epee Champion) and Richard Kruse. In 2012 The British Fencing Association awarded him a Medal of Honour for his work with the British Olympic Team.
Rupert brings all this knowledge to his teaching. Nothing is immediate. Everything takes time. He welcomes all students to a sport that he believes will change their lives for the better.
(A filmmaker for many years, working for clients such as the Royal Opera House, Sothebys and Microsoft. His interest in fencing goes beyond the European style; he has also studied Japanese sword fighting and practised kendo.)

Personal Trainer L3, 15 years experience of group & individual training methodologies. His qualifications include nutrition, injury prevention, and specialist preparation. S&C coach for GB boxing.. Alex is also one of 5 trainers in the UK certified to train clients using the Electric Muscular Contraction suit (developed by N.A.S.A) - (Full time Professional P.T.) Phone: 07554 421943

Elizete Reis-Bennett
BSc Science Nutrition and AfN registered associated Nutritionist Registration number: 12407
Elizete is the founder of "Nutrition First" Consultancy and also works as "Health and well-being Coach" at Chelsea Football Club Foundation. Nutritionist support for our club fencers such as:

  • Nutrition for pre and post-competition
  • Nutrition and hydration during competition

Nutrition First Ltd
020 7193 3757

Welfare Officer
Jim Walshe is not only lead safeguarding Officer for the club, but is also club armourer. He is a pilot for British Airways. Contact details are on our welfare page, which all parents should read.

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Footnote: All coaches are registered with BritishFencing and all staff have undergone rigorous training & checks in safeguarding, first aid, sport specific modules etc.

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