Leon Paul is London based. Allstar is in Slough, all with full returns and telephone support.

National / regional bodies

For rankings at development ( u.11/13/15 ) stage. * The u.15 spreadsheet also includes younger age groups. The spreadsheet is useful as it also lists all of the local and regional tournaments that make up the circuit at the development of younger fencers.

For national ranking lists, your membership fencing license, results, news and competition calendar.

Competing internationally

For your international licences, training camps and competition calendar.

Recommended viewing for all students and parents

A range of movies about fencing provided by YouTube:

A Short Fencing Film from Edinburgh Fencing Club
Marathon Fleuret Challenge CEP Paris
Foil Lesson - Stephany
2008 Paris Mens Foil
Lansdowne fun fencing promo
Red Bull - the speed of fencing


Safe Guarding report

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