Course Fees

Beginners Course - £200

Introduce someone else and both fees are reduced by 50%.

Beginners Course details

Q - How long is the course?
A - 9 or 10 weeks, one hour per week

Q - How often do we run the courses?
A - Once a year depending on demand. Normally intake is in Sept/Oct

Q - How much?
A - £200 including use of all kit.

Q - What will I achieve?
A - Expect to attain British Fencing Grade 1 maybe

Q - What do you need from me?
A - Bring water, spare t.shirt, loose or stretchy sports kit, daps / squash shoes (flat soled trainers) if you have them but certainly no dirty nor astroturf trainers

Thank you for considering The Fencing School.

Intermediate Course - £200

Open to those who have completed the Beginners Course.

Intermediate Course details

Q - How long is the course?
A - 9 or 10 weeks, 90 minutes per week

Q - How does it progress from beginner programme?
A - Normally intake is in Jan/Feb, the students will achieve maybe grade II. The emphasis is on introduction to sparring.

Q - Is fencing an expensive sport?
A - It can be, but a lot of sport fun and great development of character can be achieved with modest budget. We welcome enquiries by telephone and want to get your child engaged on the piste.

After the Beginners course the students need to do the Intermediate course, (it's a highly technical sport with careful progressing towards fencing others and developing more sophisticated movements). Parents at this stage can request their child try Private Lessons, or start to consider to join The Club & Fence!
For an idea of the syllabus and grades see below.

Syllabus / Grades

The Fencing School follows the British Fencing Grading System 1 - 9

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