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Students should wear blue tracksuit bottoms, daps or plimsolls if they don't have fencing shoes, and white t.shirt. recommended kit for those purchasing is as follows

  • Masks ~ Allstar Universal. For those wishing to coloured masks are permitted. also available from Allstar or PBT.
  • Weapon ~ Leon Paul. For those U.13 a size 3 blade and for those 14yrs and older a size 5 blade. As well as size also specify Pistol grip electric foil when you contact the armourer. The above 2 items are recommended as all fencers should have their own weapons if competing or seriously interested. Masks are good purchase as head size doesn't alter.
  • Whites ~ Jacket and Breeches: the basic and the Balaton range are excellent value from PBT suppliers.
  • Shoes ~ there are two recommended. Adidas En Guard, available from all suppliers, or, PBT silverstar and PBT fortuna are both excellent.
  • Electric Jacket ~ the lame recommended is the basic model from PBT, white or silver only please.
  • Socks ~ Long white socks can be purchased from all suppliers
  • Glove ~ fencing glove can be any colour. PBT, Allstar & LeonPaul have a range of gloves. A glove is also quite a personal addition and is relatively inexpensive.

All competitors/full club members are encouraged to attend training in Battersea Foil kit which can be ordered here, just sweatshirt is minimum item for club members

In all cases speak to coach before buying kit.

Our recommended supplier is LeonPaul who make the best.

Kit is supplied by the club but anyone serious should buy their own, as it is cleaner, and weapons and masks and gloves are highly personal items. If students breaks foil then the custom is to replace at their cost. Taking care of kit is very important. Whites should be laundered on a cold wash, and always hung to dry, never dry in the machine. The fibres have a technical specification so please do not dry in sunlight.

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